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Konaya – Curry Udon

 The Nine Rama 9 first floor

Date: Saturday 10 September 2011 (Lunch)

Contact: 02 716 7939

Wow~ They have facebook page too

The menu cover

Inside the menu, foods come in two size, small and large.

They also have rice too.

Chili powder and curry powder

Refill green tea and O-long tea 35 Baht

Big curry tempura udon served with small bowl of rice and salad 290 Baht, Yummy!

Small Tempura Udon 140 Baht (Small is really small.)

Close up~

Compare the small bowl with big bowl.

and that’s how small it is.

Add one more egg? that would cost you 25 baht.

250 Baht for one stamp, 5 stamp and you get 100 baht redemption~

Summary: service is good, restaurant is clean, Curry udon was good, Tempura udon was ok. Price is acceptable.